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Sale of Livestock

Sale of Livestock

We help new farmers with our healthy boer mix kid. All our livestock will be sold with certificate of health from Govt. Veterinary Hospital, Melmarvathur.

Mix Local kid grow quickly and gain 13-16 kg in about 10-15 months. All our livestock are in a disease free environment fed with organically grown elephant grass, Cotton Seeds, Corn & other high protein suppliments.

Our Rates are resonable and fetch value for your money. Talk to us on your purchase and we will be glast to assist you.

Desi A2 Ghee Groundnut Oil

Sale of Organic Products

At Urban Integrated Farms, we make 100% pure Cow Ghee and Cold pressed groundnut oil. The HF cows are fed with organic feed and the cream separated to make pure Cow ghee. This is the HF breed of cow that are raised in with own grown feed and suppliments for milk & ghee.

Cold Pressed groundnut oil are the best for a healthy living. Urban Integrated farms purchase quality organically grown peanuts from Senji and have them cold pressed to make premium grade Groundnut Oil.

Contact us for sales & distribution.

Goat Investment

Our 3G Investment

Urban Integrated Farm offers investor options for people who would like to invest & gain profit in a very quick time line. Invest as low as three goat and get your rewards within 12 months. A bank offers you interest of 5.5%-6% PA on your savings , with Urban Integrated Farms you gain almost 80% returns in 12 months. We also offer you FREE 1 Kg meat at payout.

Why invest with us?
- We are transparent and trust worthy
- Your goat is insured and in case of death, your investment will be returned.
- You can visit our farm any time you wish.
- We will deposit your ROI on the said date upon successful term completion.
- We work for you and help you grow with us
- Return On Investment: 3G Scheme :
Invest Rs. 15,000 in 3 Kids and receive Rs. 26,500 after 12 months.
- All our customers will receive FREE 1kg Meat upon term completion.

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Dairy & Poultry

Dairy & Poultry

We carry 40 HF breed Cow in our farm. Cow milk is in many ways unique. As a product it contains:- 18% more protein, 20% more calcium, 25% more butterfat than "average" milk.

We house 3000 Japanese Quails, these are good for meat. The chicks are fed with quality feed and grown to 250g before being sold.

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