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We support Dairy, Goat, Poultry & Aquaculture.

We are committed to a clean & disease free livestock by providing shelter , organic food & suppliments, veterinary assistance & insurance.

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Integrated Farming Statistics

India is home to 30 per cent of the total organic producers in the world, but accounts for just 2.59 per cent of the total organic cultivation area asper World Organic Agriculture 2019 report.

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Our 3G Investment

We help you grow with us. Invest little as Rs.15,000 on Three of our finest breed Mix Kids and gain your return on investment in 12 months. We maintain, feed, vaccinate & insure them. Your investment is safe with us.

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Dairy (Cow) Farm

Dairy Farm

We carry 40 HL & mix Jersey Cow in our farm. Jersey Cow milk is in many ways unique. As a product it contains:- 18% more protein, 20% more calcium, 25% more butterfat than "average" milk. Jerseys are well-known to be less susceptible to lameness because of their black hoof colour which makes their hooves hard. On ana average HF Jersey provides 15-20 Liters of Milk per day.

Goat Farm

Goat Farm

We raise 200 Local Kanni & Tellicherry goats, these are an excellent breed for meat, milk and skin. This breed is has higher multiple birth rate and are preferred by Hotels & Meat Shops compared to other goat breeds in south India. These goats have good resistance power for most of the weather conditions. The average weight after 1 year is about 28-35kg.

Poultry Farm

Poultry Farm

We house 50 White Leghorns, these are good layers of white eggs, laying an average of 280 per year and sometimes reaching 300–320, with a weight of at least 55 g. White Leghorns have been much used to create highly productive egg-laying hybrids for commercial and industrial operations. These birds are easy to maintain and have a better survival rates.

Urban Integrated Farms

Building an Organic World

We are located approximately 90 kilometers from Chennai City & is a part of Tiruvallur District. The farm is situated between Red Hills & Periyapalayam and is build on grassland with fresh water and capacity to hold 300 Goats, 4 Dairy Cow & 50 Chicken.

The farm organically grows Super Napier, Velimasal, Corn & Vegetables that will be the main source of feed to our livestock.

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Get to know our organic views

Organic sheep and goat farming is on the rise in India and countries around us. Many consumers see organic farms as an example of the "intact world" of farming and rural living. Agrienvironmental schemes support conversion from conventional towards organic farming.

Newcomers particularly overestimate the production and marketing potential of the field, and underestimate the associated husbandry (e.g., health) and labour problems. It usually takes years to learn how to operate a sheep and goat farm and make it profitable. We offer a green world with Urban Integrated Farms.

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